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from: Sep 24 2017 5:09 am until: 4:00 pm Special Weather Statement level: Minor
Minimal threat to life or property - Responsive action SHOULD be taken soon (within next hour)
...Near Record Highs Again Today... One last day of unusually high heat and humidity can be expected to end the weekend. Highs, which will be at or near records, will be in the upper 80s to lower 90s today with peak heat indices a few degrees higher. People planning and attending outdoor events and activities,

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Current Today Yesterday This Month This year
 Temperature  87.4°F
Maximum89.4°F (1:30 pm)90.4°F (2:46 pm)91.1°F 99.0°F 
Minimum68.0°F (7:07 am)69.0°F (7:34 am)45.5°F -3.0°F 
 windchill  87.0°F 
Minimum68.0°F (6:02 am)69.0°F (6:48 am)46.0°F -9.0°F 
 heatindex  92.0°F  
Maximum94.0°F (1:21 pm)97.0°F (1:22 pm)102.0°F 121.0°F 
 Solar radiation  193 w/m2 
Maximum 828 w/m2  (1:47 pm)779 w/m2 (12:51 pm)967 w/m2 1387 w/m2 
 UV index  4.5   
Maximum 5.6  (1:10 pm) 6.0  (12:51 pm)6.7  10.2  
Current Today Yesterday This Month This year
Rain / Melt 0.00 in  0.00 in  1.09 in  22.80 in 
Evapotranspiration0.06 in  0.10 in 2.27 in 25.83 in 
 Humidity  53%  
Maximum86% (5:55 am)93% (8:06 am)98% 99% 
Minimum45% (1:23 pm)45% (3:24 pm)35% 20% 
 Dew Point  68.0°F  
Maximum70.0°F (11:39 am)73.0°F (11:57 am)76.0°F 83.0°F 
Minimum64.0°F (4:32 am)65.0°F (7:34 am)40.0°F -9.0°F 
Current Today Yesterday This Month This year
 Pressure  29.87 inHg  Falling Slowly
Maximum29.91 inHg (8:42 am)29.97 inHg (10:01 am)30.26 inHg 30.84 inHg 
Minimum29.87 inHg (1:56 pm)29.86 inHg (5:10 pm)29.61 inHg 29.20 inHg 
 Wind  0.0 mph   Calm  Calm
Gust8.0 mph (6:30 am)11.0 mph (6:53 am)18.0 mph 55.0 mph 
Current Today Yesterday This Month This year
 Soil sensor1  Temperature at depth of 4 in = 72°F
Maximum73.0°F (12:00 am)76.0°F (2:07 pm)77.0°F 82.0°F 
Minimum70.0°F (7:28 am)70.0°F (9:01 am)61.0°F 61.0°F 
 Soil sensor2  Temperature at depth of 12 in = 72°F
Maximum75.0°F (12:00 am)75.0°F (12:00 am)76.0°F 81.0°F 
Minimum72.0°F (7:51 am)72.0°F (9:16 am)64.0°F 64.0°F 
 Soil sensor3  Temperature at depth of 24 in = 70°F
Maximum71.0°F (12:00 am)71.0°F (12:00 am)73.0°F 76.0°F 
Minimum70.0°F (12:48 pm)70.0°F (12:47 pm)65.0°F 65.0°F 
 Soil sensor4  Temperature at depth of 36 in = 71°F
Maximum71.0°F (12:00 am)71.0°F (12:00 am)71.0°F 75.0°F 
Minimum71.0°F (12:00 am)70.0°F (1:01 pm)66.0°F 66.0°F 
 Soil sensor1  Moisture at depth of 4 in = 7cb
Maximum9cb (12:00 am)12cb (12:00 am)59cb 200cb 
Minimum7cb (1:20 pm)9cb (1:26 pm)2cb 0cb 
 Soil sensor2  Moisture at depth of 12 in = 5cb
Maximum5cb (12:00 am)6cb (6:48 am)17cb 27cb 
Minimum5cb (12:00 am)5cb (12:00 am)5cb 4cb 
 Soil sensor3  Moisture at depth of 24 in = 21cb
Maximum23cb (12:00 am)29cb (12:00 am)41cb 117cb 
Minimum21cb (7:48 am)23cb (8:43 pm)17cb 14cb 
 Soil sensor4  Moisture at depth of 36 in = 8cb
Maximum9cb (12:06 am)9cb (12:00 am)12cb 84cb 
Minimum8cb (12:00 am)8cb (2:04 pm)8cb 8cb 

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